The healing concept.

Being a healer I work with people who are transforming. I utilize intuitive old medicine: sound, healing power, shamanism, curing with words, and consciousness energetics.

Sound energy for your body and mind

As a sound therapist I make use of the ancient medicine of sound. The energetic tones know exactly how they need to work inside of you in order to activate your own healing power.

Endogenous vibrations resonate with the sonorous overtones of the instruments. Thus our energetic fields are cleansed and strengthened. This has a powerful curative impact on our whole organism and on our soul.

Our vital regeneration operates most during deep relaxation. Medical sound treatments are pure relaxation! Certain brainwaves are activated, including the alpha, beta and theta spectrum. We experience a state between being awake and falling asleep, the so called Alpha-phase. Calming neurotransmitters are released in the brain and we achieve total relaxation in spite of (still) being awake.

Positive effects:

  • pure relaxation in the acoustic space

  • harmonic effects on body and soul

  • relief of inner stress

  • prevention of psychosomatic diseases

  • positive impact on tiredness, recharging

  • well-suited for burnout prophylaxis and

  • burnout treatment

  • improved sleep

  • riddance of “thought-circling”

  • increased vitality and strengthened immune system

  • dissolving of physical tensions

  • eliminating of energetic and physical blockades

  • stimulating of self-healing power

  • increased inner peace and clarity

  • relaxation from daily routines

  • increased serenity and ease

  • and more...


Experience unique sound events with Enrico Eulzer - enjoy these curative treasures and immerse yourself in timeless dimensions of singing- and sound-worlds. Feel the harmonizing effect of deep relaxation and energeticization in a wonderful sound-space. With ease you will switch off, let go, relieve stress and recharge your batteries. Immersed in a feeling of being completely with you, a feeling of inner lightness and joy. 

Enrico Eulzer is, inter alia, a sound healer. In his ceremonies he creates love-filled spaces from the deepest of hearts, which strengthen your clarity and support your healing processes on all energy-levels. Moments that are yours. Look forward to it!

Spiritual healing power

Spiritual healing powers combined with what we call consciousness energetics accelerate inner transformations. I serve as a channel for those moments.

Of course, when required I do also support the healing process through laying on of hands. You feel how areas where the hands touch warm up and how energy streams through the body. Curative processes are supported, aches are eased and your own healing powers increase. 


Recharging and balancing of endogenous energy-centers with spiritual healing power works very efficiently. Chakra-Healing is a broad field, which can be assigned to many different areas of energy work. As a gentle and effective method I use it most during pain therapy.

I combine this energy work, which is generally free of side-effects, with other techniques and thus increase the overall efficiency.

Curing with words

It is a truly ancient method to pass required healing information on to someone else. A language which is additionally spoken here is called soul-language.

Its words work in the smallest areas of our existence – elemental particles. They play an important energetic role for our life (according to quantum physics, too). Thoughts for instance operate on these levels. With help of consciousness energetics, which are supported and materialized through words, information necessary for the healing process can be transmitted.

It is marvelous when we stop aiming energy further against ourselves. We know our soul's answers to inner blockades. They are indicated by physical signals.

The body was and remains a symbol of the soul.

Consciousness energetics are combined with different fitting treatment methods during single-sessions and group events.

Intuitive healing work in your energy field

My work is always a spiritual matter of the heart for me. Especially, because my own path has been shaped tremendously through this work. It is wholesome, holistic and native.

Cleansing ceremonies

Blockades are often created because we lack control of the future (which we can never acquire!). Often we have a feeling of being pinned down. Fear is simultaneously reason and effect. Break through this circle! Cleansing ceremonies provide new paths and evoke clarity. Wounds in the emotional or mental body can be integrated or dissolved. This is what happens in the subtle energy fields which surround us.

Built-up energy is released and thereby receives a chance to transform. This makes us freer and easier. People experience these moments as powerful and wholesome. It is among others about:

  • cleansing of energy fields

  • spiritual cleansing

  • releasing of beings

  • relief of pain

  • transformation of energies

  • increased ease and comfort

  • overcoming of fears

  • empowering of basic trust

Drum-voyages and healing-voyages form a part of this work. Energy-work is in many aspects based on intuition, as the sources of affliction rarely originate from where we feel the ache. Here, we listen to the language of your soul as well, which communicates via your body.

During moments where our own path appears to seal itself, when we do not know how we are supposed to decide, we are anxious and feel torn apart. Cleansing rituals can bring inner clarity in those moments.

Consciousness energetics

For several years the earth’s energetic fields have been changing. They cause deeply inflicted emotional wounds to show physically in shorter intervals than before. We may understand: they want to be healed. We live in times of great possibilities. It is not about doing karmicly positive things in this life, in order to achieve a higher level in our next life anymore. Those times are over. The time of transformation and dissolution has begun. 

Old validation-principles may and have to be thrown overboard. When we realize how we think about circumstances, how we create our world, how much of an impact our thoughts and our spoken words have on the consequences, then we can see in which areas consciousness energetics operate. The subtle becomes the essential. 

It is more than that. During my sessions I receive information, which support your healing process and activate your inner powers. A distinction between spiritual healing powers, the shamanic art of healing, curing with words and consciousness energetics unnecessary. Everything combines.

Asiatic medical treatment

This simple and liberating massage reliefs pain by relaxing muscle fibres and connective tissue. Reflexive zones and energetic streams are thoroughly massaged by hand. Blockades are dissolved and energy can flow again.

The Asiatic medical treatment loosens and relaxes deep layers of tissue. For many people this is a real relief of old burdens, especially in the area of the upper and lower back.

neck - shoulders - back

The areas of neck, shoulders and lower back are most often afflicted. Heavy burdens are psychosomatically directed to these parts of the body. Pain through tension is felt when turning the head. Between the shoulder blades the soul shows us what constricts us.

Wrong positioning, too much time spent sitting at a desk and not enough exercise can also be reasons for tensions. But most often these are connected to spiritual causes, which yearn to be healed. Therefore even this massage has a spiritual healing-component.


The fields of application for this massage technique are diverse. Among others, it can be used for treatment of:

  • tensions

  • headaches

  • neck pain

  • muscle stiffness

  • back pain

  • arthrosis

  • sciatica

  • sacral pain

  • joint pain

  • and more

Aside from the physical, muscular relaxation, it is equally important to stop the flood of thoughts and to calm the head. In many cases stress increases psychosomatic afflictions, which includes physical tensions. 

Basic treatment info

It is of utmost importance to take in enough fluids (still water). That means before and after the spiritually balancing treatments. We live on a water planet and are made up of water ourselves.

Only with sufficient hydration the stimulated metabolic processes can function. Residue is removed and the healing process is accelerated

No specific expectations

Furthermore, the treatments are supported by not clinging to certain expectations. Of course we will still talk about your afflictions and symptoms to find the point from which we will start working on your balance. This is still the reason why you come to me. Nevertheless, expectations conjure up fears and create blockades.   

In many cases a cleansing of the energy field leads to better results than a direct treatment of symptoms. The reason for that is: The origin of the pain often lies in our spiritual condition, our energetic imbalance. Information about this condition and the blockades themselves are stored in the energy field surrounding us. 

Using intuitive techniques a different access point, which can be used for cleansing, becomes available. Doors might open, which have been locked until know, but which always existed inside of us. We cannot think of the place where the treatment starts to operate. We may let it happen. 

Letting go and being open

The treatment will be increasingly successful the more we remain open and just let go. It is in no way manipulative, but already existing powers inside of us are activated and used. The process of healing always originates from inside of ourselves. Still, it might be initiated from the “outside”. This would be my purpose. I work consciously simple and elementarily.

Length / Cost

Single session charge: 90 minutes / 120€ (first session 2h/150€)

About me

Healing powers operate from the inside. Therefore it is important to understand that the keys to your own wellbeing are hidden inside of you. It just seems to be difficult to find these keys sometimes.

My role: 

I gladly support you on all energetic layers to help you in your pursuit of your own healing process. My possibilities range from the rather rough Asiatic medical treatment massaging methods to the very subtle consciousness energetics. 

People find to me in times of personal change, when everything is even more in motion and old matters are being churned up inside of us. Emotions are conjured up through thoughts; fears form or return, physical tensions, aches and other symptoms (illnesses) become visible. 

Is that the language of the soul? And: are these the signals, which can help us to approach our own transformation? The soul knows what it desires here, which experiences it wants to make. We can trust in that.

Native ways of healing

What I can do for you is to bring some light into the darkness, to help you discover your hidden keys. We will walk a little bit off the beaten paths – we will use native ways of healing with old and new methods. 

Ancient medicine has its roots in intuition. It is today, in times of rising awareness and realizations of quantum physics that these forms of treatments are very contemporary. We work with information to which an access is created again. All information is always present. We can “tap” it and bring it into our healing. To me, working intuitively means transporting the messages and images I receive in a way that they help people. All of that has a wholesome impact on the soul and therefore completes us.

We live in accelerated times. And it is completely fine, if you rather take the paths, which you already know. Still, sometimes we need to leave the familiar path, in order to sharpen the view on our lives and ourselves. Often, small changes can affect a lot. 

You are looking for a solution, maybe even a new path of live that opens for you? Or is it about letting go of old things, which steal strength and energy from you?

My path

What I do and what I am is my personal path. It is my purpose to direct people towards their own healing process. It is always connected to emotions and experiences, that means overcoming of old wounds. Regardless of whether they show themselves in a private or occupational sense. The veiled gifts can often only be seen after a change of consciousness. My purpose is more than performing wholesome operations and waking vitality in people. It is about the expansion of our awareness, about more light inside of the people. And about being closer to ourselves and living ourselves. 

After sound therapy education I have been developing the use of sounds as a form of ancient medicine for years. To me this kind of soul-work is not only a playing of instruments. The art of healing happens simultaneously to the creation of the sound-worlds. I was trained in the Asiatic medical treatment techniques and several times received access to spiritual healing powers. At the dawn of the 2000s a big transformation happened inside of me as well. After years I could overcome the still “untreatable” disease cluster headache. 

My life started “again” after the initiation as a healer accompanied by a Peruvian master shaman. Subsequently, a 5-year-lasting personal educational path towards the intuitive energy work followed, which was coined by rhythm and discipline. It created a very strong bond towards the elements. Almost directly after my achieved mastership, a new level opened. Again, I am master and at the same time master-student…

Consciousness energetics

Access to universal knowledge and inspiration through spiritual worlds strengthen my connections to ancient information. Being a new master-student, I discover the ability to work in soul language again. This is very touching and wholesome. 

My intuition is sharpened and healing with words has become part of my path. 

People who come to me with all sorts of afflictions all want to recover their personal inner balance. It is the symptoms (illnesses, aches) that people desire to heal. The afflictions start to disappear once we begin to increasingly love and live ourselves. 

It fills me with joy to accompany people during their transformation, bringing them closer to themselves, completing them again. Everyone desires to feel bliss. Therefore, it is necessary to heal our old wounds: through more light inside of us and the expansion of our consciousness. 

I wish you courage and trust for your transformation!

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